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is a return to george w. bush and bush's popularity increased upticked a bit recently but he left office unpopular with respect to his foreign policy. obama will argue that he inherited a mess in many places. less secure world and he's made it more secure. romney is advocating pretty much the same policies as george w. bush and will try to paint him as being reckless, too quick to use force, and the like. one more direct line of attack that was tried already was romney did make some statements saying that he didn't think we should gallivant around the world and spend billions of dollars to find one person. he criticized obama's statements that he would go inside pakistan and after bin laden took place during the 2008 campaign. and obama will try to truck that out to show that romney is not tough on terrorism. and then i think he'll try to make the argument that romney in some ways is trapped in the past. maybe making a youth versus someone who is older but romney's statements that russia is our number one geopolitical foe was mocked by a lot of people in the foreign policy establishment
's minds. he makes him radioactive that george w bush running with a weak economy made kerry unacceptable. chris: i heard this before, a rerun of 2004, go after the other guy. >> you make it a choice. it's no longer about barack obama, what they would like to make it. >> they make it not about the incumbent but about the choice. >> they're saying this is bush on steroids, they're drawing that parallel? >> can they get away with that? >> they can. we haven't created enough jobs. this guy talks about firing people. >> when we come back, "scoops and predictions" right from the notebooks of these top re chris: welcome back, starting with john, something different this week, i want you to handle this prediction. this fall in the presidential debates, which candidate, obama or romney will paint the most detailed, most dramatic platform for the next four years. john. >> romney has a problem if he is not the person. the challenger has the luxury of specificity because he doesn't have a record to run on. chris: most likely romney will do it. >> yes. >> romney has to lay out what he is going to do
at the george w. bush 2000 campaign and then the bush administration, again, setting the precedence in terms of personnel, policy and practices that are metastasizing today. next slide. another gang of six. you've already been introduced d to abdel rahman al marudi. let me go through some photographs of the next. next slide. well, this is al marudi with governor bush and next slide. this is khalid safuri, his right-hand man and niwad awad who runs one of the most aggressive muslim brotherhood fronts c.a.r.e. in the summer of 2001. this is another convicted terrorist running at the time of this photograph in march of 2000 the palestinian-islamic jihad organization. next slide. muslim al sadiqquey, the imam presenting the president a koran in the white house shortly after 9/11. next slide. this chap. he worked in the white house for most of 2001. he was the muslim gatekeeper and facilitated most of those photographs that you just saw there. he's currently on the board of directors of the american conservative union. the organization is bringing cpac here. past practice is any guide, he will ap
. >> he scared off with jindal, this week, and continues to criticize the tenure of george w bush, o'malley defending obama's handling of the economy. >>> governor o'malley's staff is sifting through documents to learn how to clean up the chesapeake bay. he met with officials down in virginia, the clean up are is one of the -- is one of the biggest water pollution control acts in the history, the meeting gave them a way to see how six states and dc are doing in the effort to clean up the bay. >>> a new report out this evening ranked maryland number 33 in the country when it comes to college debt, the institute of college access and success found the average student has been more than $21,000 in debt after graduating. more than half had to borrow to pay for schools, even though college students have a degree about 9% of recent grads were unemployed. the average debt in college park was about $22,000, atalson university, the average debt was about 19,000, and coppin students have 8500, not good news. >>> keeping your computer safe and secure, scammers try and target more than your iden
's a pattern here. there's a history of barack obama released 12 years. george w. bush released eight years of tax returns. bill clinton eight years. ronald reagan at least six years. romney -- willard romney, just two years. even his father when he was running for president, george romney, released 12 years. so it's the appearance that you're not being transparent. >> right. what's really remarkable about this is that mitt romney very well could become president and he could do it while going through less of a vetting than his own nominees will go through. you know, you can't be a deputy assistant secretary at the department of transportation giving up the amount of information that he's giving up. so -- and i don't think he's going to be able to get away with only releasing this one year. but we don't know what's in those returns. maybe he made the calculation what's in those returns is so damaging politically to him he'd rather take this heat. maybe he took some tax amnesty a couple years ago and that's why he doesn't want to do it. >> but, ryan, when you look at that and i'm stepping on
you think that it's not effective for the obama camp to keep blaming george w. bush and what they inherited? >> i wouldn't blame president bush but i would continue to point out i said earlier, andrea, it's good for people to remember that we were losing 750,000 jobs a month when the president took over. that's what he's inherited. though 84,000 may not sound like much in terms of a gain, it's a whole lot better than losing 750,000. i think he's doing the right thing there. he's also doing the right thing in stressing his jobs bill. his jobs bill contained 11 separate components, almost all of which republicans had supported in the past, and they essentially stonewalled him and stopped any progress from things that were like $50 billion of spending on infrastructure we know creates well-paying jobs on the construction sites and back in our factories, and it's hard to understand why they would obstruct that type o initiative. >> what about the tax cuts? michael steele, do you think the republicans really have a great talking point when they talk about tax cuts for millionaires
making under $250,000 a year. the president didn't specifically mention president george w. bush or mitt romney by name specifically. he did implicitly link the policies of the two men. >> we have tried it their way. it didn't work. congress passed trillions of dollars in tax cuts that benefitted the wealthiest americans more than anybody else. what happened? the wealthy got wealthier. most americans struggled. >> the president said today he would call for congress to take action on this. nobody in washington expects the legislative grid lock here to break any time before the election. that means this issue and so many others in the fiscal cliff scenario will have to be dealt with sometime after the election between november and the beginning of next year. so there are six to eight weeks where washington has to deal with some stuff. for now this is all politics. >> all right. just a quickie. >> yeah. >> what you're saying is the so-called middle class tax cuts will be extended but the upper end tax cuts for the rich, et cetera, et cetera, will be ended permanently. is that the idea? ex-t
's watch, there have been more jobs lost than created. at this point in george w. bush's first term, even more jobs were lost. accurate or not, you'll see more ads like this, because the campaign, both of them, diane, are convinced their working. >> jon, great to have you reporting in tonight. >>> and coming up here, a living room explodes in flames. the fire extinguisher the only defense. we put some real families to the test and they failed. would you know what to do? [ mosquitoes buzzing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] repel mosquitoes without spraying your skin. try off! clip-on repellant. in minutes, its fan surrounds you, head to toe with effective odorless protection. whether it's at a game, enjoying family, or just relaxing, repel mosquitoes away without a spray. off! clip-on. keeps bugs off. sc johnson. a family company. my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap!
under george w. bush. you can await that. switching to reuters, briefly, it is a wire service like jesse worked for a.p., but my work is not quick at the keyboard filing the stories. my job is more to step back and look at the broader trends. it's still, even though i don't have to file in a daily way, it's still the wire. you have to fill a hole faster than you would for a newspaper all the time. >> anybody else working on a book they want to out? not yet? gentlemen, you did a biography of justice o'connor? are you still in touch with her? >> she's always on an airplane. i said, you know, are you going to be there? she said she had so much planned and she went into the various plans. i asked her if she had an instinct and she declared, i haven't had time to read the statute. do you know which way they are going? no clue, no clue. she was in the courtroom the week before. all this speculation of when it will be handed down. nobody knows until the writing on both sides or all sides in this case is finished. so, she didn't know exactly when it was going to come either. she could have suspe
president george w. bush nominated him as u.s. attorney for the district of new jersey a position held through 2008. in that role he drew national attention battling political corruption, corporate crime, human trafficking and gang violence and directed his attention to ethics during his tenure and spearhead add number of aggressive investigations against corrupt public officials and was able to build and inpressive 130 convictions during this time period. but what you may not know is that like many true new jersey natives, governor christie is a dedicated bruce springsteen fan. top date he's attended 129 springsteen concerts. that dates over 36 years. he told me in advance. so that is a bipartisan issue on which everybody can agree. this morning, governor christie will make opening comments and then we will have a moderated discussion led by brookings seener fellow ted gair who co-directed as brookings. this event is being web cast and viewers can post comments and xp questions during the discussion at twitter #bichristie. so, please, join me in welcoming governor christie to the broo
will try to paint romney as having supported all of the policies of george w. bush and the iraq war was ultimately not seen as a failure and we led with honor and new iraqi government and relative stability although i will note that there was a recent bombing and so there are still problems in iraq. i don't know if we'll rehash it. i don't really think we rehashed it in the 2008 election. i don't think it will be a rehash but it will come up in terms of obama trying to link romney to what he would say are failed policies of the past. the gentleman in the gray shirt. >> i have two questions. one is a question of weakness from the left. when a lot of people possibly in this room believed that obama might be an anti-war president. in 2008 they voted him because they expected peace and some people would argue that's not how he's governed. he's been active with drones and taking out bin laden in quite a brave manner. i wonder if that will weaken his position on the left. it's not that they would vote for romney but they wouldn't vote at all. that's one issue. second, and the weakness mig
for the republican candidate including george h.w. bush, including bob dole. i've been involved now six presidential campaigns and now the seventh. it's great to see steve's results as an entrepreneur. i know he was great with john mccain. we used to talk about what he was up to back home. as he said, if you're an entrepreneur and you're a risk taker, you need a new business environment. part of that is going to be dictated by washington. right now with the taxes and regulations, healthcare cost, the uncertainty over energy, all the unpredictability in our economy, it's difficult to get people to take a risk and make an investment and do what steve has done. my dad is a small business guy who took a big risk and left his job and start his own business. later years i asked him whether he would do it again, he had so said i don't know. there's so much uncertainty out there. frankly you have a government in washington who don't seem to get it and it's making it difficult to create jobs. steve is concerned now. on monday i will be helping the romney victory effort in boston. i will be speaking at couple
, the chief justice appointed by george w. bush, of course, saying that this law now stands. >> ten days and counting since the right leapt on to the justice roberts' hate wagon. >> should conservatives despise john roberts? >> he rendered an activist decision that rewrote the law. >> this is a mess. it's a mess. a court in crisis and reports of a chief justice like a weather vain in a storm. >> like i said, ten days and counts of this. >> let's repeal this and start over again. >> it makes a fresh start on the road to repeal. >> to make sure that this law is, in fact, repealed. >> we will repeal obamacare. >> there's got to be more. >> let's repeal and replace obamacare. >> repealing the president's health care law. >> repeal obamacare. >> we want to repeal. >> repeal it. >> so obamacare is so bad and repealing it is so urgent that republicans in the house are pushing a vote to repeal the law this week on wednesday. we know lawmakers left d.c. on thursday. maybe a bunch on them weren't watching the tv on friday. >> just minutes ago, we learned unemployment is still bogged down at a dism
at another poll. goup will says who do you hold responsible for the trouble of the economy? 60% say george w. bush. >> kimberly: they believe obama. >> greg: this poll over whether things are worse off is misleading. if you are disgust by the idea of western exceptionalism, things worse off is seen as a success. as though america is fat kid that shed pounds of greatness. we're supposed to be injured. that's the point. you look perplexed. >> juan: i am perplexed. shock and awe, greg. [over talk ] >> kimberly: the president has to transform the country since 2009 inauguration. >> eric: i said the republicans -- this is a republican talk point. >> kimberly: we shall see. democratic congressman calling for school to be more like islamic school. this is our anniversary week. the fox turns one. we kick off the celebration this morning on fox and friends. we will continue this tonight. don't make a move. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ [ feedback ] attention, well, everyone. you can now try snapshot from progressive free for 30 days. just plug this into your car, and your good drivin can save you up to 30%. yo
on social issues. white evangelical voters have been part of the conversation for a decade. 78% for george w. bush in 2004 and they were a full 23% of the electorate. that grew in 2008, but senator obama made a dent in an otherwise big gap. the current president won over 60% of the remaining electorate and the tea party in 2009 and 2010 with the leaders inside and outside having an evangelical background. will they show up in droves for mitt romney in november? he will trouble with both groups and a laundry list grab their attention until they settled on rick santorum for nearly a dozen victories. good news for the president's oppone opponent, they showed his moerm an faith didn't prevent supporters from voting for him and his faith is more accepted when it links to christianity are explained. a stronger network of tea party conservatives prepared to mobilize voters for a close election and we will talk more about the groups with david brody for the christian broadcasting network and the author of a new book called the tea va njelicals. it was an unholy appliance for a while. evangelicals an
't think it's ever been a secret, though. i mean you look at the george w. bush. >> this reinforces maybe? >> right. i don't think that's in dispute -- i wondhe were not to change topics. the president where he announces he was going to go out fighting for tax cuts, to extends the bush tax cuts for those making under 250,000, how that will play with the broader g.o.p. but mostly how mr. romney will respond to that. >> right. so daniel stone covers the white house for newsweek daily beast, mentioning that as we talked it hasn't yet been announced. it's not officially yet on the president's schedule but it's reported this morning widely that the president will make an announcement in the rose garden sometime today where he will call for congress to extend the nother year for every american making under $250,000 a year. which, of course is the vast majority, the 99%. >> right. >> and those making over $250,000, their taxes would go would go back up. whether he can get it through congress or not, right, i guess, the question is: the political viability of
candidates had done? >> well, you know, george bush, george w. bush. the other candidated optded out of the public finances. personally, i would have stayed in. but that's because i'm a different kind of democrat. the president had a lot of supporters, a lot of money on the table in 2008. in my judgment it was spent very well. he won the race. this time it's a lot different. he will have to continue to raise money. maybe a lot smaller amount than he did before. >> is there a different optically, and people look at this. average folks for romney to go to a fund-raiser -- political fund raiser in the hamptons and he is a billionaire, as we all know. and going for fund-raisers there. what's the difference, if anything? >> i can't see it. reporters are able to get more unfortunate quotes from the people attending. that is for people attending the fund-raiser. here's the other thing to take in mind, and jim's report pointed to it. the obama campaign is in real danger of misunderstanding what happened with the bush campaign in 2004. the lesson they've taken is when you have a so-so economy
in the pentagon during the administrations of george w. bush and ronald reagan. he's now a senior advisor at the center for strategic and international studies. gentlemen, thank you both for being with us. john mearsheimer, i'm going to start with you. this did start with the article in foreign affairs magazine. you don't go as far as that author does in arguing that a nuclear-armed iran would be a net positive. but you do agree with him that it would bring stability to the region. why? >> i think there's no question that a nuclear-armed iran would bring stability to the region because nuclear weapons are weapons of peace. they're weapons of deterrence. they have hardly any offensive capability at all. and if iran had a nuclear deterrent, there's no way that the united states or israel, for that matter, would be threatening to attack iran now. in the same way that if saddam had had nuclear weapons in 2003, the united states would not have invaded iraq. and if libya had nuclear weapons in 2011, the united states would not have gone to war against libya. so i think that if you had a middle
cuts for those under $250,000 a year. and while he didn't mention either president obama george w. bush or his opponent mitt romney by name he linked the policies of the two. >> we've tried it their way. it didn't work. at the beginning of the last decade, congress passed trillions of dollars in tax cuts that benefited the wealthiest americans more than anybody else. and what happened? the wealthy got wealthier. but most americans struggle. >> reporter: the president also said that more than 97% of americans are below -- american small business owners are below that $250,000 tax credit threshold and would benefit he said extending this and said that republican efforts to portray it as a tax increase on small business owners are nothing more than politics, tyler. >> okay. i'm going to pick it up from there. thank you so much for that. it is that time of the year. i'm not talking about earnings season although we'll get to that. i am talking about the running of the bulls in pamplona, spain. two big names on wall street bearish. calling the s&p on the nose last year and here's what he's s
bob dole, and george w. bush. i have been involved in six campaigns. it is great to see steves resolve as an entrepreneur. we used to talk about what it was like back home and it is great to see this place and the other ways he has created jobs here and engage in the campaign. if your and entrepreneur, a risk taker, you need a business in government and part of that will be dictated by washington. and right now, with taxes and regulation and to all of the unpredictability in the economy, it is difficult to get people to take a risk. i come out of that background of small business in ohio. my dad left his job to start his own business. in his later years i asked him whether he would do it again and he had to say he did not know. there's so much uncertainty out there. you have a government that does not seem to get it. they're making it more difficult and not easier to get jobs. steve has taken risks and is concerned. as all of us are. on monday i will be helping our around the victory effort in boston. i will be speaking at a couple of that there, helping to raise money for the campaign
cuts first enacted by president george w. bush are set to expire in january. >>> harsher penalties for drunken drivers could be coming to the district. the washington examiner reports mayor vince gray introduced a bill that would impose tougher sentences that include mandatory jail time for those that are twice the legal limit. the d.c. council has yet to schedule a hearing to discuss the proposal and the council begins a two-month recess at the end of the week. >>> are you having trouble getting online this morning? it may be because of malaware infecting your computer. thousands across the country had the internet shut down after midnight. the fbi did it after trying to take down hacker's servers last year. at the time they realized if they turned them off all the victims would lose internet access. the feds created a safety net that was switched off last night. >>> it is a monday morning. coming up, another face off between republicans and democrats over disappointing job numbers. we will take a closer look after the break. >> i'm sorry for what happened, sir. >> it is i who owe
. but george w. bush was my president and i never voted for him. but ronald reagan was my president. and i degreed with him most of him but george h. w. bush was my president. i'm saddened by the fact that we've reach the point we don't have one president who represents all of us. i think we should get beyond that kind of rhetoric and this bill to talk about what matters in this country which is jobs, as you said. >> being amazed of how much congressman fox and i have in common. actually, i have been reading 1984 rather recently. i think the thing that bhotterses me about what she said is the notion of freedom, in other words my idea of freedom is freedom of speech, freedom of religious. it's not the freedom not to have health care. and the problem is, i really look at it from a responsibility point of view, which is what the republicans often talk about. in other words, it's not fair if you will, that people not take responsibility for their own lives. and why should some of us be paying these large premiums and bills for people who don't decide to have health care? and i also, health ins
them up. many people letter george h.w. bush, read my lips, no new taxes. >> mike: what happened to him. >> he lost. and i don't think that any americans thinks it's an easy sell for the president and he doesn't and that's why he's out there tap dancing like he belongs on broadway because he has to put a good spin on the numbers, he cannot go out there and say, oh, darn, we didn't hit it, we haven't made it, no, we're not getting there, never mind. he has to sell the optimistic side of it. is it a hard job, yeah, it's a hard cell. he's doing the best under difficult circumstances. >> mike: and i appreciate you both being here, and a pleasure to have you on the hot seat. your comments on the impact of the obama tax and later, we're going to have some fun. hank williams, jr. is here for the ride. stay with us, we'll be right back. [applaus [applause]. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskel
's interesting to point out, too, liberals love to accuse former president george w. bush of destroying our personal liberties but whose privacy policies do you find more worrisome now -- president bush, president obama? where do you stand? >> president obama definitely has a different take on privacy and transparency. on his first day in office he issued a memo saying that transparency would kind of trump his overall administration. he really wanted documents to be out in the public. however, as an agency, as an organization epic has constantly come up against obstacles and hurdles to getting those documents and assimilating them to the public. so i think there is definitely a difference between what the obama administration has said they were going to do and what has happened in practice. >> so upholding the promise of transparency, are you happy with what he's done or no? >> we believe he's taken steps. we aren't happy with where we are right now. we really should be a lot further along. >> amie, thank you. >>> she is from california, he is from alabama. together they are the civil wars.
the presidency of george w. bush. he has since suggested if they weren't named for him might be easier politically to hold onto them. in 2010, president obama agreed to a two-year extension of these tax cuts. right now taxpayers making more than $250,000 a year, already pay cumulative 44% of all personal income taxes collected by the irs. that is a big chunk. bill: sure is. we also heard ed henry mention jobs june jobs report that came out just on friday. telling face the nation on cbs that president obama is trying to spin bad news into hope. >> this campaign and this election is going to come down to jobs and the economy. the latest jobs numbers obviously incredibly, the president says a step forward. i, would hate to see a step backward. bill: current unemployment rate across the country, 8.2%. nearly six million americans collecting unemployment benefits. martha: well, thousands of americans may not be able to get online this morning on their computers because of a computer virus affecting more than half a million pcs. rick leventhal live in new york city. we talked a lot about hea
unanswerable. but why has this president and the past president, george w. bush, been seemingly so afraid to use the word, we have to sacrifice, the word sacrifice. you know, have they never gone back and listened to franklin roosevelt in the '30s? why are they so afraid of us? >> because the last president to do that in an explicit way was jimmy carter who is now regarded as the very epitome of he's a bummer. he asked us to sacrifice, used the word malaise, we don't do that as president anymore. >> goes back to the notion of national service. if you wrap it up to what we can do for our country people would step up and say i'm in. count me in. >> yeah. >> well, why won't the republicans count themselves in on this, just even temporarily, until there's some sort of deal? >> i think most importantly they feel that the economy -- we need some certainty. >> is this going to hurt the economy? >> well, they're for permanent extension of the bush tax cuts which have been in place for a while. president clinton has talked about extension of the bush tax cuts. senate -- number of senate democrats
of the vote in the hispanic community. in 2004, in the general election, george w. bush got 44% of the vote. so it is going to be interesting to watch this time. recent gallup poll showed how more and more hispanics are actually feeling disenfranchised with both parties and are -- may vote in the -- may be independent at this point. so i think our vote is definitely up for grabs. that said, like you're saying, president obama is showing like he is ahead obviously in the polls in our community. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, carol. thank you so much. >>> still ahead, when it comes to your vote, if you don't like your partiers a candidate is it okay to vote for him anyway because you can't stand the other guy? that is our talk back question of the day. ♪ you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mat
militants view him as a heritic. i'm talking about george h.w. bush and first lady laura bush wrapping up their trip to africa with the opening of a new health center in zambia. it screens and helps treat people for cervical cancer. president's birthday over the weekend. >> the number of jobs created in june did not impress the experts but president obama remains optimistic! >> we learned this morning that our businesses created 84,000 new jobs last month and the businesses have created 4.4 million new jobs in the 28 months including 500,000 new manufacturing jobs. that's a step in the right direction. >> but, will american voters believe in november it's a step in the right direction? let's talk to our washington insiders. republican strategist and senior vice president of the winston group, myra miller and democratic political strategist and founder of solidarity strategists, chuck roacha. that's a mouthful. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the president, chuck, said last week that 80,000 jobs is a step in the right direction. he's got to say that. he wants the keys to air for
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